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IBEAM Infotech Education services Inc. USA. is having joint venture with IBEAM Infosoft and Education Services Pvt. Ltd.
IBEAM Infosoft & Education services Inc. INDIA. is a growing IT company, having years of relevant industry experience and expertise in developing world-class IT products and delivering them to the client across the world.

IBEAM Infosoft & is a design and development firm based in INDIA. We deliver high quality software and customized e-business solutions that reflect the in-depth knowledge & understanding of emerging technologies in today's fast growing competitive world.IBEAM Infosoft & is a platform of giving a shape to your business through the blend of unique creative and innovative presentation by our expert and industrious developers and designers.

We are an experienced app development company. We have built dozens of iOS, Android and web apps, Website Design, Website Development, Software Development, secure Shopping Cart solutions and we have also marketed our customers’ brands through a variety of online platforms.

We combine our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and delivering our services to businesses of various sizes. Our hard working has aim to providing brilliant app and marketing solutions for our customers.

We take pride in being amongst the few design and development firms who have introduced new and imaginative ways of displaying or presenting an idea, company, product, service, or person to the World Wide Web Competence.

What we offer?


Our philosophy at IBEAM Infosoft is simple: website designing and development should be intelligent, coherent and effective. Web marketing has a complex technological component that can be a daunting prospect. We’re here to demystify the search landscape, and provide you with a pragmatic, accessible way to strengthen your business and brand online.


We deliver proven, measurable results for our clients. When we begin a relationship with a new client or even a project with an existing client, we take the time to develop a strategy which will help them realize the greatest growth in the shortest timeframe possible.Once this strategy is developed we implement it and follow through by monitoring and adjusting as needed.

With the Internet being so fluid and ever changing, you need to stay on top of your development and changing technology to assure you are fully taking advantage of all that is offered. If you don’t, your business will flounder and your results will greatly diminish. We know what it takes to stay on top of this fast-paced industry and constantly strive to do so, because it is our passion.


Our staff is skill-focused, with individuals responsible for design, programming, business development, customer service and management. We hire the best people we can find and we reward them not just financially, but with flexibility and quality of life.

Why Ibeam?

  • Our Mission

    IBEAM Infosoft & Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is an INDIA based website design and development firm committed to bringing our clients real 'measurable' results.
  • Our Vision

    We as a unique Web development company, focus on creating user-friendly websites and web-based applications that help companies save time and money by streamlining their processes.
  • Our Strategy

    Our Experience Employee's execute strategic development to help you reinvent your business.We can help to launch your Ideas.

Our Startup Year



Plan for Large Portals

  • FTD Travel Portal and VT Cargo and Accounting system
  • We have many other portals too, which are under development stage


Improve Our Employees

We are a forward-looking company with the aim to evolve as the best industry leader in IT. We apply our skills and knowledge to solve the problems of our clients and provide them the most suitable solutions as per their business requirements.


We Hire People

We always look to hire the best talent and brains so that we can empower our team and deliver the exclusive IT products that are scalable and need-centric. Currently, we have a team of professionals who have the skills to understand the problems of our client and provide them the solution as per their needs.


Larger Achievments

We are here to serve our customers and resolve their problems. In pursuit of the same, we develop and implement class IT products, software applications and other things for our clients and streamline their operational functionality in a seamless manner.


Enlarge Our Scope

We are determined to offer uninterrupted IT products through our endeavors and analytical skills; we support consistent communication and flawless delivery of products that are both reliable and result-oriented too. We always try to broaden our area of skills and expertise through constant innovative approach and creativity.


Our Skills

  • Android
  • ios
  • HTML5, Hybrid
  • Web Development
  • ASP.NET Development
  • (UX/UI)Graphic design
  • Ecommerce

Our Background

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Meet Our Team

Nick Verma

Nick Verma

IBEAM Infotech Education Services INC. USA

Umesh Gour

Umesh Gour

IBEAM Infosoft & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

Rajni Gour

Rajni Gour(BE-CSE)

IBEAM Infosoft & Education Services Pvt. Ltd.