Android Apps Development

Android Apps Development

Android is Google's new Linux based mobile platform. Within a short span of time, Android has created its own place in the mobile application technology sector. Android application solutions provide a tough competition to other mobile app technologies and have already garnered a lot of loyal followers.

Features of Android Mobile Application Development in general :

  • Ease of use
  • Open Source
  • Provides great visibility to the developers
  • Doesnot differentiate between third party app and core application
  • Rapidly growing
  • Works on any platform

The Android SDK provides assistance to the developers with its tools and APIs required to develop custom applications. We at IAD INDIA (iPhone Application Development INDIA) offer services using the Android SDK under Android Application Development. We strive to broaden our horizon as an Android App Developer Company, using comprehensive set of AndroidPhone applications development tools.

There are great advantages of Android Applications, as they can get fully connected with the native device which to provide an excellent user experience and allows them to make use of the varied functions of the mobile platform at the same time, so as to enable multitasking. This extraordinary benefit of Android Applications over the other Mobile Applications makes it really a smart choice.