Cake PHP Development

IBEAM CAKE PHP Development

Cake PHP now offers sophisticated services that our programmers are able to do amazing things with. This open source web application framework based on PHP language is compatible with PHP4, PHP5 and MVC Architecture. Ruby on Rails was quickly followed by the launch of Cake PHP. Its primary benefit is that it provides a stable architectural framework to build websites upon.

Cake PHP is constantly updated with feature rich system of open source customization capabalities. Unlike other MVCs CakePHP is tailor create systems based open source technology.

Advantages of Cake PHP Web Development:

  • It reduces the total cost of building a websiteSilverlight runtime for some mobile platforms
  • It enables professionals or developers to diminish code repentance while developing a website
  • It is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
  • Being developed under MIT license, it is free for all.