HTML5 Vs Hybrid and Native Apps

HTML5 Apps Vs Hybrid Apps and Native Apps

Most mobile interfaces can be implemented using either native app or hybrid app development technologies; however, there is more flexibility in designing these interfaces using hybrid / PhoneGap app development technology. Hybrid app development uses HTML5 and CSS3 that have far superior capabilities when designing interfaces with many form factors and highly dynamic content.

However, there are some drawbacks and interface design issues that may come up when using hybrid app development.
Sometimes it is tedious and is time consuming to implement certain standard native user experience designs and complicated interfaces using hybrid app development technology.

Native Apps HTML5 Apps Hybrid Apps
App Features
Graphics Native APIs HTML, Canvas, SVG HTML, Canvas, SVG
Performance Fast Slow Slow
Native look and feel Native Emulated Emulated
Distribution Appstore Web Appstore
Device Access
Camera Yes No Yes
Notifications Yes No Yes
Contacts, calendar Yes No Yes
Offline storage Secure file storage Shared SQL Secure file system, shared SQL
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
Swipe Yes Yes Yes
Pinch & Spread Yes No Yes
Connectivity Online and offline Mostly online Online and offline
Development skills ObjectiveC, Java HTML5, CSS, Javascript HTML5, CSS, Javascript