Dynamicweb Content Management System

IBEAM Dynamicweb Development

Dynamicweb is the leading ASP.NET content management system and .NET web application development framework.

Dynamicweb is an online business platform for websites, webshop and online marketing.

Dynamicweb features

Sends newsletters to your customers

  • Create recipients and recipient lists
  • Let recipients subscribe and unsubscribe on your website
  • Let recipients choose the news categories they want to subscribe to
  • Get statistics
  • Test the newsletter before sending it off
  • Manage publication times
  • Import recipient information from CSV files
  • Validate registered email adresses

Display news on your website

  • Create news categories
  • Let registered users create news on the website
  • Manage publication time and period
  • Choose where to publish news
  • Get statistics of most popular news
  • Let visitors subscribe to news via RSS

Let users subscribe to content via RSS

  • Automatic publishing of RSS feeds
  • Export changes in the language layer, pages and paragraphs
  • Export forum and blog posts

Increase conversions with forms

  • Create forms with 9 field types, e.g. check boxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists
  • Reuse forms in several pages
  • Get detailed statistics of how your forms are used
  • Get an email when a form has been filled in
  • Save form data automatically in a database