IBEAM Cargo is an innovative web based solution that simplifies web tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real time. Our software is designed to merge along with the industry from the ground. Our approach towards this industry is reflected from our market focus to deliver state of the art solutions using cutting edge technology.

IBEAM Cargo Flow :

Cargo Booking:

Cargo booking serves as a back bone, is designed to provide simple yet accurate cargo booking functionality to operate
Cargo Verification:

To reduce off loads, the parcel shall be inspected with respect to the data given during booking by checking if the parcel is been
packed, marked and labelled accurately as mentioned.

Cargo Management

Vehicle Allotment:

Vehicle allotment helps to manage and decide the capacity of vehicle required to deliver the cargo which is decided based on the volume or size of the goods to be delivered.
Cargo Acceptance:

Cargo acceptance helps the supply chain service provider to track and maintain accuracy of the status of goods that are sent/received.
Cross-Check Goods:

Cross checking the goods with the data provided during booking the cargo helps the right parcel to be delivered at the right time.


Cargo Delivery:

Knowing when and where the goods are to be delivered makes all the difference in providing exceptional services.

Automated invoice when the goods are delivered saves time reduces the risk of losing bills and hassle free process to avoid errors.

Product Features

SMS Tracking:

Are you worried about how to track where the goods are? Booking a cargo through IBEAM Cargo could have never been so easier. This next gen system provides adequate information on delivery status of the goods by notifying from point to point via SMS.
Automatic tariffing:

IBEAM Cargo has revolutionized tariff management with its automated tariffing that enables to comply with the pre – defined prices for particular weights and display in a jiffy. This also allows the user to modify information from each level of tariff and update the changes with immediate effect on the system.

24/7 Service:

Anticipating what your customers’ needs plays a vital role for any cargo service provider.
This system is available 24/7 to all the customers, to place orders at their convenience from anywhere in the globe
with an assurance of knowing when the goods shall be delivered.
Fuel Management:

It generates vehicle wise and pump wise fuel consumption report.To check the continiuos demand and supply of fuel of vehicles.