Online Reputation Management

IBEAM Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management(ORM) is the analysis of a brand's personal or professional, business or industry reputation as represented by content across all types of online media channels. Basically, when people online write stuff about a brand, it should know about it fast enough to be able to respond – especially if it’s negative stuff.

  • ORM protects the brand
  • ORM allows the top management to make smart decisions
  • ORM gives a brand a lead over its competitors
  • ORM is one of the best customer retention tool a brand can deploy


Today, you and your business are acknowledged by what appears on the internet, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, hundreds of valuable contacts are lost each day due to the false and misleading rumors, complaints, and comments. Whether the erroneous comments have come from a competitor, industry reviews, ex-employee, or a discussion forum, the target is to tarnish your reputation, devastating it at worst.

At IBEAM INFOSOFT, we know how critical it is that you and your services have a positive reputation on the internet. Our ORM team knows how to neutralize negative conversations that are influencing your prospective clients.