Siteinfinity Content Management System

IBEAM Siteinfinity Development

Sitefinity by Telerik is an ASP.NET web content management platform engineered to make managing your website a more positive, empowering and usable experience. Sitefinity is the first and only CMS to enable enterprises to take full advantage of all three mobile development strategies— Responsive Web Design, mobile websites, and mobile apps, easily and effectively—and all from one CMS user interface.

Sitefinity’s intuitive user interface delights both developers and business users alike, making it a more efficient environment to get more work done—faster. There’s no long training required, so even new non-technical users will be up and running in no time. Because it’s built on a modern code-base, Sitefinity is best equipped to meet the long term needs of today’s expanding businesses, including tackling challenges like mobile, ecommerce, multisite management, content personalization, and so much more. Sitefinity’s customers further benefit from Telerik’s ongoing innovation and technical support. Toyota, Audi, Tetley, NASA and Kraft Foods all trust Sitefinity to power their websites.

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