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Digital Marketing and Upcoming Key Marketing Trends

With the advent of the internet and the way things are changing marketing has also changed a lot in recent years. Marketing in the last 5 years has changed a lot then what it has changed in the last 20 years and with the progress that is being made, it looks like there is no slowing down.Below are some of the trends that are going rule the digital marketing world in 2019-2020:

SEO A/B Split Testing - SEO A/B split testing allows you to divert the traffic so that you can take a particular approach for change in the content. There are platforms like Clickflow which suggest pages that can have SEO potential.

Artificial Intelligence - AI can predict consumer behaviour and search patterns. They can use data which is available on social platforms to help business understand what customer wants. One of the examples of the same is a Facebook messenger bot created by MasterCard which understands what a customer wants and respond to them by giving a feeling that they are talking to a real person.

Programmatic Advertising - This means you are going to use AI so that automated buying can be automated and you can target specific audiences. One of the examples of Programmatic Advertising is Real-time bidding. This automation is more efficient and fast that ultimately leads to higher conversations.

Chatbots - This is one of the important parts of digital marketing and will continue to be like that shortly. This uses AI-based techniques for instant messaging and can be used 24 hrs a day be it day or night.

Video Marketing - This is one of the most important trends today and as time passes video marketing is going to take the lead over other marketing strategies. The reason is the simple impact of something is more if we see that in motion as compared to reading or listening.

Influencer Marketing - This is a type of marketing which focuses on using leaders to drive your brand. Usually, influencers onInstagram or YouTube personalities who have a huge fan following and can spread the good word about your business through their social channels. This is slowly and gradually picking up the pace and as time passes this might take over all the other types of marketing.

Social Messaging Apps - This is another type of marketing where companies send messages directly to the customers by adding some personalization that adds value to the user’s experience. Social messaging apps help in boosting sales and also can be used in providing support and assistance as and when needed.
As we talked about some of the upcoming trends in digital marketing. We provide all these different techniques of digital marketing and if you want to excel in your business then you have reached the right place. Please contact us and we can make it work for you.

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